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  • Powerboat Racing Team Finds Permanent Fix and Sponsor
    I have been involved in Offshore Powerboat Racing for eight years in many types of race boats. I also have personally owned a pleasure boat now for over 20 years. In this time I have used many products that have made wonderful promises as to their ability to perform. Having come across your product last year, I wanted to let you know how pleased I was with its performance.
    The racing boat which I am part owner and the throttle man, Flashpoint was competing in the first race of the two race World Championship Series in Key West, FL on Wednesday November 8, 1995. After the race we noticed that a split had developed between the exhaust header and the runner. This point is water cooled yet temperatures reach over 450F. We needed something to seal this crack and not be harmed by water or heat. We also wanted to solve this problem quickly and at a reasonable cost, as we had one more race on Sunday. After a trip to the local marine supply store on Stock Island we decided to try POW-R WRAP. The product went on very quickly and with little mess. After the product dried we tested the motor with no leaks. On Sunday we completed the race, over one hour and thirty minutes of rough pounding in 3 - 5 foot seas, and your product did exactly what it said it would do hold up under heat and pressure. This allowed us to take fourth place in the highly competitive World Championships. From this point on POW-R WRAP will be on board Flashpoint as well as my personal boats, and in my home.test-1-bigboat

    Gary Ethridge Flashpoint Offshore Racing Team
  • Last winter, one of the plastic valves on my swimming pool system began leaking. The leak originated where the valve body was glued to the PVC piping. My swimming pool man told me that in order to repair the leak, that the valve would have to be removed and replaced. He said that the repair would cost me $250.00. Instead of replacing the valve, I wrapped it with a roll of POW-R WRAP and over lapped it onto the PVC pipe. After the appropriate drying time, I turned on the system to find that the leak had been stopped. It has been approximately 5 months since I applied your product to the leak and the leak has not returned. The repair is exposed to full sunlight and all of the elements of South Florida and the POW-R WRAP looks as good as the day that it was applied. Keep up the good work with POW-R WRAP. I am sure as time goes by that you and your customers will find expanding uses for this very fine product.testimonial3

    Ben L. Schachter Lake Worth, FL
  • We were faced with an extremely unusual circumstance in our factory. We have a building which was constructed in 1964 and the main water supply from the street passes under our office, which is fully carpeted and decorated and in daily use, into our plant where it comes up from the floor into a mechanical service room. The main shut off valve had been weeping onto the exposed galvanized pipe for many years causing the pipe wall to corrode to the extent that our plumber was concerned that it was fragile enough to burst at any point in time. Our problem was unique; in that he had no method of wrapping the pipe due to the fragile 2 foot section that had corroded, and he also had no method of turning off the water to this pipe because our sprinkler system was fed off the same water supply main as the pipe in question which could not be independently turned off. Accordingly, the only effective repair that was available to us was to temporarily turn off the water to both the building and sprinkler system, break up the floor in our office, dig a trench outside our building, pull out the corroded pipe in its entirety, and put in a new copper line to replace it. Our plumber estimates that this would have cost in excess of $10,000, and obviously a disruption to our daily operations and the resulting mess would have been considerable. Instead he was able to carefully excavate 8 to 10 inches below the ground level by breaking away the concrete floor in the supply room and digging by hand. This gave us access to the corroded pipe which we were able to wrap with the POW-R WRAP. It appears that the section of the pipe that goes below the ground was not affected by the years of weeping from the valve and we feel that the bandage that the POW-R WRAP has provided us is now essentially a permanent repair. Congratulations on a unique product and the proof of the pudding is that our plumber (who originally stated a product like this would "put him out of business") has booked an order for 6 rolls of POW-R WRAP which he will be using in his normal course of business.testimonial4

    Randolph S. Paisley Ontario, Canada